14 Signs Your Cat Hates You

As much as you might love your cat, they might not always reciprocate your affection. Although your feline friend could never hate you, they could develop some mistrust and fear towards you. In this video, we will discuss 14 signs that your cat is uncomfortable around you. You 

14. Horizontal Tail When you are around

 a cat’s tail is like a human’s eyebrows.

They convey emotion without having to make a sound. Several scientific studies have shown that a cat’s tail is incredibly expressive and it may be the best method of listening to what your cat is trying to tell you. Although actions like wrapping their tail around you, a question mark, the shape of the tail, and an upright tail are all positive mood indicators for a cat.

 You should watch out for a lower tail, tucked tail, tail puffing, or lowered horizontal tail. A lower tail indicates the cat is in a fearful, aggressive, or hostile mood.

This is often a clear sign that your pet is not happy, and you may want to look into figuring out why.